Star Delta Electrix was originally equipped to supply basic electrical requirements to the domestic and industrial markets. In the last ten years however, the range of products available have become more diverse and varied. This together with the introduction of an open market and the easier accessibility of imported goods and the competition saturated, led to the eventual decision of the supply, sale and service of the specialization in certain products and eventual diversification into pre-paid smart water metering, particularly the DIEHL Metering - Germany and France brand. Constant online liaison with manufacturers, suppliers, transport and clearing agents both within and outside of our borders ensures that products and components are made available to the customer effectively and reasonably. Through the efficient and reliable service of qualified and technically well versed travelling sales representatives and equally experienced, competent and skilled projects team, Star Delta is able to provide a quality range of renowned products and workmanship both to customers within and outside of main cities and towns. Customers in the whole of Zimbabwe, South Africa and beyond all benefit from the service, back-up and technical advice provided by these sales representatives. Considering Zimbabwe and South Africa’s renowned mineral wealth, approximately 75% of all Star Delta's business dealings are carried out with the mining sector, agreeably a specialized field within itself.

Training plays an important role in the day to day running of the Company. The management firmly believes that complete knowledge and knowhow of a product and job is absolutely vital in its sale. Training is not only carried out within the in-house training centre where staff and customers are introduced and lectured on the product, but also at customer premises outside of the main cities. These training programs are set up in conjunction with the product supplier who inevitably sends experienced personnel to lecture and demonstrate the product.

To ensure customer awareness, Star Delta Electrix markets itself through the public media as well as exhibiting at various regional shows. Depending on the location and the reasoning behind the show, Star Delta will adjust accordingly and exhibit the range of products and services available to fit in with the show’s particular theme. These shows have been successful in not only securing future sales and projects, but familiarizing both the businesses and the public with the company, its products and the services available to the customer. Star Delta offers a flexible credit facility controlled by the in-house computerized accounting system. All statements, invoices and receipts are systematically printed and distributed by the up to date accounting system. Star Delta has a same day delivery service and deliveries within the Gauteng areas are carried out free of charge. The Company also packs for courier services and rail for deliveries outside of Gauteng.